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Book Description
This new edition provides the full text of all relevant British Columbia legislation concerning adult guardianship law, with updated commentary interpreting each section and new case law annotations. This work also includes Practice Notes prepared by leading practitioners in the field. The 2011 Annotated B.C. Representation Agreement Act, Adult Guardianship Act and Related Statutes incorporates legislative changes since the 2008 edition including the incapacity planning provisions of the Adult Guardianship and Planning Statutes Amendment Act (S.B.C. 2007, c. 34) as well as the adult abuse and health care consent legislation which come into force September 1, 2011. The following legislation is included in the text:

• Representation Agreement Act and Regulation
• Power of Attorney Act
• Power of Attorney Regulation (NEW)
• Adult Guardianship Act and Regulations addressing Abuse and Neglect, Designated Agencies and establishing the Provincial Court Adult Guardianship Rules
• Health Care (Consent) and Care Facility (Admission) Act and Regulation
• Mental Health Act and regulation
• Patients Property Act, together with the Patients Property Act Rules and prescribed form under the Act
• Public Guardian and Trustees Act and Regulations
• Community Care and Assisted Living Act and Regulations, together with the Residential Care Regulation and the Resident's Bill of Rights added as a Schedule to the Act.

About the Author(s)
Dr. Robert M. Gordon is an Associate Dean of Arts and Social Sciences, a Professor of Criminology, and the Director of the Applied Legal Studies Program at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. He is also a distinguished fellow of the Canadian Centre for Elder Law at the University of British Columbia. He was one of the drafters of British Columbia's adult guardianship and incapacity planning legislation (1993 to 2011) and has been involved in the implementation of the legislation since its introduction. He has also provided similar services to other Canadian jurisdictions including Yukon, and to the Council of Europe (the East European Adult Guardianship Law Reform Project).

He has published numerous books, book chapters and refereed journal articles in the areas of adult guardianship and substitute decision-making, the abuse and neglect of older people, public guardian and trusteeship, and health law and mental health law, including The Annotated British Columbia Representation Agreement Act, Adult Guardianship Act and Related Statutes, published by Carswell.